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Alp Resistant Colors paint

‎12-05-2019 14:53

Has anyone tried Alp Resistant Colour paint on decking?  I have used it and am very disappointed.  It does not cover the M2 as stated on the container and is very patchy as it does not mix properly.  I had to buy twice as much as I should have and still it looks a mess.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify this?20190501_134554.jpg20190501_162640.jpg

Encuentra todo lo que necesitas para este proyecto en Leroy Merlin

‎14-05-2019 10:24
‎14-05-2019 10:24

Good morning @Lorraine1962 and thanks for let us know through our forums.


I will ask about why is this happen to you and if there is any solution and let you know as soon as possible.




‎08-06-2019 19:49
‎08-06-2019 19:49

Hello again @Lorraine1962 sorry for the delay,


Regarding the performance specified by the manufacturer on the packaging, refers to the approximate performance of the product on a support with primer, doing this we get that the support does not absorb too much product and we also create an adhesive membrane to favor the adherence of the same to the surface, however, ALP Resistant colors is not the best product to apply in a floor that is too walkable.




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