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Electricity doesn't work in one section of the house

‎29-01-2019 07:50

I was wondering if any of you guys have ever experienced this, and could give me some insight.

So I live in a two story house, and the power to two of the rooms on the second floor has stopped working. The outlets don't work, the light switches, or the ceiling fans. These two rooms take up about half of upstairs. Everywhere else in the house has no problems at all.

I've already checked the power box and nothing is tripped. I tried replacing the circuit breaker, but that didn't change anything. Anyone have an idea about what's going on? Thanks!


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Oficial de Plata
‎30-01-2019 01:08
‎30-01-2019 01:08



Have you done homeworks, some change in walls? floors?Is it possible that some wire has been cut?
If you have changed the magneto-thermal system corresponding to those rooms and it does not work, there should be a problem in the wiring

send us a picture of the electric box in case we see something out of the ordinary.
have you checked the differential? Do you have only one for the whole house?


Carlos Nieto
Especialista en Iluminación

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